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Hi! My name's Guilherme Mar, but people call me Mar.

I'm developer, I know many languages, PHP, Python, something about C, Android, etc. Today I'm developing web front-end, I like it, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3. But I like it because it's a new challenge, because it's demands a greater attention with performance, I need to know about legacy browsers support, mobile, tablet, etc. And when you work with front-end you usually work with UX, I like it, I can make the access easer for a user.

For near future I'm studying games development, I want to develop a called "indie game", it's a game with different gameplay of popular games, using my concepts and unusual ideas for a game.

I like to talk about technology and development, cartoons, books... Ideas, I like exchange ideas. Below there are some forms of contacts:

I like pictures too

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Thanks for your visit, see you later.